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Secure your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or other smartphones and tablets with our security locks and trackers. From bluetooth smart locks to sturdy security brackets, Protection Lab has your devices covered.


View our range of security locks and trackers below:

Security Locks & Trackers For Phones, Tablets, & Computers

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Tile Slim Multi-Purpose Bluetooth Wallet Tracker
Tile Mate Multi-Purpose Bluetooth Tracker
Kensington MicroSaver Retractable Laptop Lock
Kensington 25-Pack Serialized Combination Laptop Lock with Preset Code
Kensington Serialized Combination Laptop Lock with Preset Code
Kensington SafeDome Secure ClickSafe Keyed Lock for iMac
Kensington ClickSafe Combination Laptop Lock
Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Laptop Security Lock
MacLocks Security Swivel Plate Lock For iMac
MacLocks Aluminium Mac Mini Security Lock Bracket
CompuLocks Blade Universal Security Bracket For Tablets & Laptops
Dog & Bone LockSmart Mini Keyless Bluetooth Smart Padlock
Dog & Bone LockSmart Keyless Bluetooth Smart Padlock