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Technologies Behind Advanced Protection

Advanced protection doesn't just happen. It is a result of creative thinking, constant testing, and meticulous engineering. At Protection Lab, we appreciate the effort put behind each break-through technology used in our protective cases, and we embrace the joy of being able to use our devices fearlessly.


Therefore, we dedicate this page to celebrate and showcase the design and technologies behind advance protection.


UNEQUAL® Impact Protection in BodyGuardz



 Originally designed for professional athletes, UNEQUAL® material confuses impact energy and absorbs, disperses and dissipates much of it away from the body. Tests at independent, accredited labs show that UNEQUAL® can decrease acceleration which helps reduce the risk of injury.


BodyGuardz is the first in the market to harness that technology and applies it on to it's military standard drop proof cases.


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Tensaer is a Latin word meaning muscular-like. Combined with "lite", it describe the durable, yet weightless property of this innovative EVA form developed by Incase. Tensaerlite material exhibits superior impact absorption, yet weighs next to nothing. It's flexibility allows it to appear in many different forms and shapes, providing exception protection for a wide range of devices, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and GoPro. 


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FlexShock™ by Tech21



FlexShock technology is the secret behind every single case made by Tech 21. It is a patented gel-like material that is ultra efficient in absorbing and dissipating the impact. Super light and flexible, this material can be formed into a thin band that efficienctly protect a device where it needs the most. This awesome material can also be made in different colours. 


Lithium Ceramic Battery by Tech21



Traditional batteries emit heat, can leak toxic chemicals and even become flammable when damaged. When designing their first protective battery case, the designers at Tech21 set out to solve this problem. Thanks for the Lithium Ceramic Battery Technology, the Evo Endurance case is world's first ultra-safe battery case. Complemented by Tech21's renown FlexShock bumper, not only does this case allow you to enjoy your phone longer, but also safer.


Check out our range of Tech21 protective cases for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung smartphones.


Composite Technology by Urban Armor Gear

UAG's Composite Technology is the backbone of all it's hard shell cases. The patented structure features a hard outer shell and a soft impact absorbing core - an efficient system that provides outstanding protection, while maintaining a lightweight one-piece body.


FrogSkin™ by Urban Armor Gear

FrogSkin textile is a thin layer of protective material that covers the outer shell of UAG's folio cases. It is extremely lightweight, yet ultra tough and water-resistant, allowing UAG's lightweight folio covers to standard out in the competition.


Check out our range of UAG lightweight rugged cases for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Surface devices.


IonGlass™ by Moshi 

Not all glass screen protectors are created equal. Mocha's iVisor Glass screen guard is made of atomically-strengthened IonGlass. It's hardness exceed that of tempered steel, making it resistant to any scratch. Combined with a precisely tailored edge-to-edge bezel, Moshi's iVisor Glass is literally the most protective screen protector money can buy in the market.


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SHOTT Glass by Power Support

Well, SHOTT Glass is actually not a technology invented by the Japan accessory giant, but a Germany manufacture that has been making premium quality glass for over 130 years.


Power Support teamed up with one of the world's most prestigious glass maker to craft a glass screen protector with exceptional quality. SHOTT Glass screen guard is merely 0.2mm thin, yet exhibits 9H hardness. The finish is also smooth yet smudge and fingerprint resistant 


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To be continued...